Attracting Wild Birds to your LandscapeWho wouldn’t want to attract wild birds? Wild birds bring an array of colors to the eyes and the sounds of nature to the ears if you’re lucky enough to be near them.

Unless you sleep during the day, are working a 9 to 5 job, or nursing a hangover, you probably do enjoy hearing the sounds of nature that start just before sunrise.

Having lived in all areas of the US, I’m continually amazed at the species of wild birds and butterflies with their brilliant colors and engaging chatter.

While wild bird watching is not a hobby of mine you do become familiar with the sights and sounds of the different species if you’re fortunate to have them grace your backyard.

If you’re fortunate enough to have birds nesting in a tree in your yard, it’s hard not to take interest in their parenting skills and feel a sense of pride when the little ones hatch.

More and more people who make the decision to landscape their yards are now also considering what options they have to attract more wildlife. Since most adults and children enjoy watching wild birds, there are things you can do fairly easily to attract them to your property.

What Attracts Wild Birds to the Backyard?

Two of the easiest ways to attract wild birds are with bird feeders and with bird baths. Birds will find a feeder full of seed as will squirrels so you’ll have to be crafty when installing your feeders to make it less attractive for the larger, unwanted seed thieves. Bird baths can provide much needed water but may be harder to coordinate with your landscaping theme.

Bird Baths for Wild BirdsIncluding shrubs as part of your plant material provide optimal locations for birds that may need to seek cover. You’ll find some birds like to nest in shrubs and the surprise comes in the fall or winter after the leaves have dropped and you see the remnants of what remained hidden all spring and summer.

Berry producing shrubs can provide an important and easy access food source for wild birds as do fruit trees or even pine trees where some species feed on the seeds found within pine cones. Having flowers in a garden that bloom from spring through the fall can also provide a natural food resource that can last for birds through the winter.

When looking for tree that will attract wild birds, consider those that product “food” for them in the form of seeds, berries, sap, nectar and fruit.

The video below shows at least 6 different species of birds feeding on berries from a single ash tree in this lucky homeowner’s yard.

Tips to Attract Wild Birds for Bird Watching

How to Attract Wild Birds

  1. Hummingbirds, for their size, are known to have a huge appetite…greater than any other bird. Hanging a hummingbird feeder fill with fresh sugar water, 1 part sugar to 4 parts water will certainly get their attention.
  2. Incorporate “layering” into your landscape design. Creating communities of trees, shrubs, annuals and grasses will mimic a natural habitat attracting more birds.
  3. Landscaping with a variety of native plants will attract birds native to your area. It will also attract some of the insects they like to eat.
  4. While trees are not cheap, providing shade opportunities and branches for climbing and nesting will be a big attraction.
  5. Wild birds will drink and bathe in shallow water at least once a day. If your landscape design can include a bird bath, there’s nothing cuter than watching a baby robin takes its first dip. Bird baths do take a little maintenance and the water should be changed every couple of days. You don’t want mosquito larvae to develop.

Creating a haven for wild birds outside your home will be extremely rewarding when see your newly attracted wild “neighbors” appreciate and come to rely on your landscape design for their very survival.

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