Curb Appeal Impact on Real EstateIf you really want your neighbors and other people to be impressed with your yard and home, especially if you are planning on selling anytime soon, boosting your curb appeal can be incredibly important.

Buyers looking for a new home often won’t even go inside if they aren’t impressed by the outside of a home. This makes landscaping and your home’s exterior and its curb appeal extremely important.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 63 percent of potential buyers will check out a home that appeals to them on the outside. The old saying “it’s not what’s on the outside that counts” doesn’t apply to real estate. Below are 10 ideas to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Make an Instant Garden for Instant Curb Appeal

Ideas for Curb AppealIf you are in a hurry, many garden centers have ready-made containers that you can buy to instantly give your home a comfortable feeling. Try not to be too symmetrical. Many homeowners make this mistake and it can give a home a very stiff and boring feel.

If you have the time, buy containers and make your own garden for a more personal touch. Use flowers and plants that will last for a long time so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort replanting.

Placing these next to your front entry can help make your home appear a more welcoming place.

Illuminate Your Curb Appeal with Outdoor Accent Lighting

Landscape lighting can boost curb appeal as well as making your home more secure and safe. If you do not feel like spending the money to get wired lights, advances in solar technology have made lights that use the sun for power very affordable and effective.

Try to use lights to accent decorative walkways or even trees. Selectively placed uplights in your yard can draw attention to and accent key features on the exterior of your home.

Updating Garden Beds Add Punch to Curb Appeal

Ideas for Curb AppealBeds around your home can be have great curb appeal, but only if they are well kept.

Nothing turns people off more than garden beds with messy borders, a bunch of weeds, and overgrown plants. If border pieces are missing or broken, replace them.

Think about replacing your borders with concrete pavers if they’ve gotten too bad or consider adding a nice clean line with vinyl edging. Be sure to weed and prune regularly and think about adding a little shape to your shrubs.

Choose a mixture of plant species that will give you something green all year around ensuring your curb appeal through the four seasons.

Make your Driveway Presentable

Design Idea for Driveway Curb AppealIf your driveway has cracks in it and weeds growing through those cracks, it can have a negative effect on your curb appeal and on the whole look of your yard. First, repair any cracks or stains and get rid of the weeds, then try color staining the concrete.

Follow this by adding a stone or paver border to the sides of the driveway for a sharp decorative look.  If you have an asphalt driveway simply adding a seal coat to the top of the driveway can really give it that finished appearance.

If your driveway is made up of concrete pavers, then consider clear sealing the pavers. This can make them look brand new again. Sealing your pavers will only last about a year when exposed to Mother Nature but it gives you a great look and is fairly inexpensive to do.

Creating a Decorative Walkway Adds to Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal IdeasIf you have an old concrete walkway or ‘sidewalk’ to your front door, consider replacing it with a contoured one made out of flagstone or pavers. Nothing is more boring than dull gray concrete in a straight line.

A path with pavers or stone bands  running across it can save you a lot of money over replacing the whole sidewalk.

For an even more attractive look, use small stones to outline the path and fill the gaps in with mulch and small colorful plants or flowers.

If your straight concrete walkway is in decent shape, border it with a contoured small mulch bed with small plants or low groundcover.

Add New Mulch Beds – Low Cost Curb Appeal Option

After making sure all of your existing mulched planting beds are neat and weed-free, try to come up with some new spots to add color and beauty to your yard.

Design Ideas for Curb AppealSome great places to add a planting bed include: around the driveway, circling your mailbox, on the front corners of your property, or along the front and sides of your home.

When planning your beds, try not to plant too much in them and also try to make sure you are not planting anything that will grow so large that obscures your home.

Add color, but also try to plant some evergreen species that will stay beautiful all year round. You can also simply replace or add to the existing mulch in your beds. Mulch will lose color and get absorbed as soil nutrients after a couple of years so new mulch will add rich new color.

Retain that Sloping Yard for Dual Benefits

Ideas for Curb AppealIf your front yard slopes to the street, consider adding interlocking block to retain the slope.

It’s not necessary to build an entire wall or frame the entire from of your property but adding a few rows of decorative concrete block can make a pretty big design statement.

This provides the dual benefit, when properly installed, of keeping problematic areas from washing out during periods of bad weather.

 Step Up Your Stoop for Curb Appeal

Dressing up the front of your home, where you greet your visitors, can create a welcoming statement when you add just a few decorative items to compliment your home’s design.

This will set your home apart from all the other homes on your block. Making simple changes like adding coach lights on either side of your front door, or adding landscape urns with colorful greenery, painting your front door, updating your door hardware or selecting a decorative fixture as an overhead light will make a big impact in your front entry’s appearance.

A New Coat of Paint

Curb Appeal Idea for Garage DoorWhen’s the last time you painted your home? Nothing speaks curb appeal more than a fresh coat of paint. You don’t necessarily need to paint the whole house either to update its appearance.

Adding a new coat of paint or changing the color of the paint around window trim or on shutters will give your home new life.

Another often overlooked opportunity for curb appeal is painting or replacing your garage door with an updated design.

Give Your Yard the Edge with Edging

Clean lines will give you a visual sense of organization. Borderless landscaping while natural in appearance can look unkept. Edging can be fairly inexpensive and will keep any front yard grass from creeping into your planting beds.

It will also keep your mulch where it is supposed to be, draws attention to your flowers and shrubs, is adaptable for straight or free-form design and provides you with a clean line for yard maintenance. Did I mention it will make your front yard stand out?


Adding different landscaping elements to your yard to increase the curb appeal is easier than it might seem. When selling your home it can mean the difference between a prospective buyer stopping to take a look or just passing your home by.

Even if you are not selling your home, your yard, and by extension your home, can be the envy of all your neighbors by spending a little time and money adding curb appeal.

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