Rock Garden PicturesGet back to nature in the simplest of design concepts with rock gardening. Rock garden pictures are interesting because you can see that just about anything works. Rock gardening itself is a naturalistic style of gardening which is fairly low maintenance and pretty economical.

Not only do they make any yard welcome but you can make your rock garden in any shape or size and it can be as elaborate or as understated as you like. Different styles of rock gardens are shown in the rock garden pictures and tips in the short video below.

A large variety of plants can be used including those that thrive when planted in close proximity to rocks while others complement the rock accents. Green plants, wild flowers, ground cover or even adding a pond gives you a broad palette from which to work.

Rock Gardens Provide Low Maintenance Options

The best rock garden plants are generally compact in size┬áso they grow they don’t obstruct the view of the rocks you’ve so carefully placed. These types of plants also work well for those who have limited space in which to work or for those with poor soil conditions. Here are some more tips to consider when planning a rock garden:

  • Proper drainage is a key component of a successful rock garden and that’s why rock gardens work well in sloped areas.
  • It’s best to choose rocks that are native to the area you live in as this will look more natural in your surroundings.
  • Irregular rock shapes and sizes also add interest to a rock garden and using something like limestone which is porous and drains well makes a nice addition.
  • Larger rocks with depressions are a good place to add some soil and then plant some moss or lichens that will cascade over the rock like a beautiful green waterfall.
  • Set the larger rocks, as you will note in the rock garden pictures, into a depression in your soil. Large rocks should be partially buried in earth to look more natural.

Rock Garden Pictures Help Suggest Ideas

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Rock Garden Design and Construction

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